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Productivity Enhancement with AI

Unlock unprecedented manufacturing productivity gains with AISee – with just your CCTV.

  • No upfront investments, just a monthly subscription.
  • Real-time AI monitoring of Docks, Warehouses, Machines, Production lines, Work areas ...
  • Immediate alerts and downtime metrics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Trusted and Proven: 80+ work areas, repeat subscribers over 2 years, delivering 10-12% performance improvement.
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Dealership Analytics for Profits

Revolutionize your dealership operations with cutting-edge analytics and AI.

  • Boost conversion rates and optimize working capital.
  • Maximize bay turns and filling.
  • Transform customer engagement and enhance profitability with lifecycle products such as insurance and consumables.
  • Proven track record of success in Cars, Light, and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Dealerships of 3 leading brands over 3 years.
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Focused on results...

Enabled with AI

AICUE enables manufacturing companies to use data science for decision making across activities (from R&D to Operations to Sales) for enhancing business results

Growth profitability - enabled by AI

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