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... Smart, Accurate, and Tireless

An AI and IOT solution that enables you to measure productivity with just your CCTV at a low cost monthly subscription.

Productivity to Profitability...

  • Is bottleneck machine running?
  • Is operator available in all stations?
  • Is the truck parked in the dock more than 2 hours?
  • Is there clutter in the main aisles?
  • ... and many more
AISee measures availability
AISEE - CCTV to Productivity and Action Alerts and Reports

AISee solves challenges with manual supervision...

Immediate Whatsapp Alerts for correction...Emails with charts, excel metrics for improvements

  • No need to employ an additional supervisor to monitor (night shift, etc.)
  • Consistent tracking when applied for long periods of time – months and years, 24X7 – No person can do it consistently
  • Macro-level trending possible, over time, or across workstations or docks and warehouses.
  • No micro-level manual errors in logging/approximation

Proven Performance ....

    Successfully tested and validated on 80 machines/areas across 7 Manufacturing Plants and 5 warehousing locations
    Received firm orders for 27 more installations from satisfied customers
    Over 24 months of seamless operation, from small shops to leading global Tier 1 manufacturing companies
    Garnering strong interest and demand from users, including supervisors/IR, who rely on our daily/weekly reports, and from owners leveraging trend reports for strategic decision-making

... Proven Results and Payback....

  • 11-15% productivity improvement for 3+ months and sustained in almost all locations!
  • Reallocation of operator manpower based on multi-manning/ Robots introduced/ teams added/shifts reduced
  • Ownership from the supervisors due to ease and utility
  • Low utilization asset identified and sold
  • Production stages reorganized

Infrastructure Required

  • CCTV (Existing with you!)
  • ... There is no second requirement ...

Pricing ....

  • Low cost monthly subscription
  • Try free for a month!
  • No upfront investments - cancel anytime
  • No reskilling
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