Do you want to ...

  1. Improve sales effectiveness
  2. Increase service labour and parts revenue
  3. Cut costs
  4. Reduce Inventory

Growth profitability - enabled by AI

  • Sales and Stock
    • Predictive reports - Custom Funnel Forecast using AI at segment and region/area level, Customers likely to buy based on AI
    • Visual reports - Daily sales against LMTD, Daily Stock
  • Service
    • Predictive reports - Customers/chassis likely to become inactive, high value jobs likely, service due
    • Visual reports - Daily Labour , parts by segment/region, Daily ROT (Repair Operation Time) and trend
  • Membership
    • Predictive reports - Customer upsell queries (for service to membership), Customers likely to buy based on AI

Sales, Service and Membership - Analytics and AI based predictive intelligence

  1. Proven solution - One of Indias large dealership for more than a year and in 2 business lines
  2. Pay as you go subscription - Large and small dealerships with no upfront investments
  3. Payback in less than 3 months[Conservative]
  4. Action oriented - Delivered at point of use(email / whatsapp and web) at cluster, region, branch or segment executive
  5. Strong user pull - 2000+ hits per week, asked not to stop despite costs in survey, 100s of quick action emails/whatsapps and proven results
  6. No retraining on IT despite older/fresh workforce, No new infrastructure (served from cloud)
Growth profitability - enabled by AI

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